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Special Rates That Retail Businesses Cannot Access

Eligibility – Institutions of Higher Learning, Independent Schools K-12, Online Schools, Religious Schools, Technical Schools, Private Tutoring Companies, Day Care/Preschools, Sports and Martial Arts Schools.

Most private schools and training facilities have come to realize that in order to increase their efficiency and good will, they must offer payment options that students and parents have come to expect in today’s world of e-commerce: The ability to pay by credit card for tuition books, services and contributions.  

Charge Card Systems gives your institution this option at unbeatable rates that were previously not available. In addition to increasing your efficiency and profitability, you’ll have more time to concentrate on what you do best, by eliminating unnecessary bookkeeping and collection costs.

To maximize your cash flow we fund all card transactions, including American Express, within 12 hours. Our professionals can get your program up and running in no time.

*If your school currently accepts cards, or only accepts cards for pledges and contributions, Charge Card Systems offers a free no obligation consultation: We will update you on the most efficient use of technology in order that you avoid costly processing issues and maximize your schools full potential and profitability.

Recurring Billing
Our online virtual terminal lets you enter recurring charges once, then the system does the work for you every month. On the monthly billing date, the parent’s card gets charged, and the system automatically emails them a receipt. The money shows up in your bank account in 1-2 business days.

QuickBooks® Integration
Synchronize your credit card transactions with QuickBooks®, eliminating the time required to make double entries, and ensuring accuracy.

Deposit Checks Online
Check21 is the federal law that grants an electronic image of a check the status of a paper check. Through a process called Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), a check can be scanned and deposited into your bank from via a scanner connected to the internet.

• No more trips to the bank. The online deposit is valid via the internet
• Funds post quicker than paper checks
• No need to endorse or photocopy checks
• No deposit tickets to fill out
• NSF’s automatically resubmitted within 2 business days

The optimal online school fund raising program

The bottom line for any fund raising program is to secure the maximum amount of funds possible: Our experience has shown when donors are given the opportunity to make their contributions by credit card, on a secure and clearly defined portal, the dollar amount of their contributions increase significantly.

If your school already has a program that accepts charge card payments, we offer a complimentary rate analysis; to be sure you are receiving the discounted school rates that you are entitled to receive. If you should decide to switch to Charge Card Systems we not only assure these discounted rates but also guarantee funding of all credit card transactions, within 12 hours (Including American Express).

Program Advantages

Increased Pledge Fulfillment – Schools often ask donors to contribute a dollar amount and then collect the donation at a later date, via cash or check. Offering these same donors the opportunity to put their donation on a debit or credit card guarantees your school payment in full and eliminates the costly necessary follow up: mailing invoices, and making phone calls.

Easier To Donate – Accepting payment cards make it easier for your donors to generously support the cause and removes the limitations brought by having to rely on cash on hand  

Lower Handling Costs and Accelerated Cash Flow – Processing card transactions is significantly less costly then the true cost of processing checks, including all the time wasted on associated administration. Additionally, payment card transactions are processed automatically at the bank end, so the school will receive a payment much faster then checks

Online Transactions Allowing donations to be made online  – this  benefit is particularly appealing to younger donors. In support of this trend, several third-party companies are bringing interactive online relationship management tools and services to schools. This enables them to increase their out reach and communications, while decreasing overall costs associated with manual data entry, direct mailings and cash and check collections.

Recurring Payments – Allowing payments to be made automatically with payment cards encourages donors to give regularly, or to spread contributions over time. This also saves the donor time on completing paper work and the cost of postage, and provides a regular stream of contributions for your organization.

The ideal scenario is clearly to secure recurring donations with as little administrative cost as possible, freeing up time to secure new donors and to achieve your goals.

Retaining Donors is key in today’s donor environment. By making donating as easy as possible, encouraging card payment options, and taking advantage of tools that cut out administrative headaches, your school will maximize its chances of securing valuable new donors, increase contributions, and keep them on board as loyal, long term contributors.

The quickest way to begin the process is to fill out the Free Rate Analysis Form. We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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